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Many different situations can arise in regards to wanting a driver excluded from coverage. 1) Insurance carrier might want a driver excluded or cancel the entire policy. Common reasons to exclude a driver would be a bad driving record, a.

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While a few states (Kansas, Michigan, New York, Virginia, and Wisconsin) don’t allow driver exclusions, many others permit you to exclude specific drivers from your policy. In general, car insurance companies may ask you to exclude certain drivers — say, someone with numerous accidents or DUIs — from your policy to protect them from.

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Insurance Policies and Excluded Drivers - Who Are They and Why Should You Care?While different states have different mandates for auto insurance, most basic car policies consist of six types of coverage. Here’s what you need to know about each.

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Accident: A sudden, fortuitous event or an unexpected, unforeseen event, not under the control of an insured and resulting in a loss. Often used to refer to a collision or insurance event. See What to do after a car accident. Accident Forgiveness: In most states, customers who have not had an at-fault accident in the previous five years qualify for this program.

Some insurance policies come with a “named driver exclusion.” It states that one or more individuals in your household may not operate the insured vehicle. If an excluded individual drives the car and gets into an accident, the insurance.

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In states where it’s legal, insurance companies can allow, and sometimes require, a particular person be excluded from your auto insurance policy. Another scenario puts you in the driver’s seat: you request that someone not be included on your policy.

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Having your driver’s license suspended can cause significant stress and inconvenience. You need a valid driver’s license to afford you the privilege of driving to work, getting your groceries, and performing other important day-to-day tasks.

An excluded driver is an individual who is not covered by your car insurance policy in the case of an accident or incident. In most cases you, as the driver and owner of the vehicle, are the one who names this individual as being excluded from your insurance policy.

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